Thursday, March 3, 2011

Icky invasion

Sorry for the delay, we had a week off from school, and then my oldest got a horrible virus(way to spend a week off from school) and now my little one is suffering with it 10x worse (please pray for her) After a visit to the dr on Monday, she has no infections,thank God,and fever finally has broken but still has extreme congestion causing severe ear pain and a crazy cough. He said it could be flu related or just a very stubborn virus, but we just have to ride it out. Its just so horrible when you can't help them! So with a BAD case of the ickies and me trying to fend it off myself, there has been no time to stamp :( She is actually sleeping comfortably right now, yah!!, so I thought I'd post this card I did before the ickies invaded my house! If you have any questions on the details, just leave me a comment and I'll post them soon. I need to get some housework done before she wakes up! As a mom I can't afford to be down and out, so keep me in your prayers that I can fight the bug!

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