Friday, November 13, 2009

Tag Box Tutorials

Well, sickness has struck my home again. My 5 year old has an icky stomach bug. I feel horrible that there is nothing I can do to relieve her discomfort. So I ask for your prayers that this is over soon (we are on day 3) and that the rest of us are spared!!
After quite a few requests, I will show you how I 'tweaked' the original tutorial found in my Christmas Punch Tags post. I kreated a VERY simple box base and lid. Thats all I really tweaked to make it a EASIER. Now maybe its not as sturdy, but it works fine and its EASY. Hey, did I mention, its EASY :) The dividers are trickier, but I know you can do it :) If you have a hard time with measurements (don't worry, until my engineer hubby wrote them all out for me, I was right with you), it will come with practice. I found this site for you (there may be better), Dr Math, where he helps you read your ruler. Print it out and have it handy until you've got the hang of it.
Without further ado...

* Start with a 6x6-1/2 piece of cardstock for your base. Score 3/4" around all sides
*At each corner, snip one score line to the score line intersection
*Place a strong adhesive on the 'flap' you snipped and adhere to kreate your 4 corners. TIP: I had used SNAIL, so I say strong adhesive because after about a week, some of my corners and folds popped open. Double sided tape such as Sticky Strip or Multipurpose Adhesive(this will take a little extra time as you'll need to hold it a few seconds while it dries and adheres together)
*You have your 'tweaked' box base. Very Simple!

Dividers (this is where the measuring gets tricky - these are from Tonya Allens tutorial)

*Cut 2 pieces of cardstock at 2-3/16 x 7-15/16
*Score each piece @ 1-1/2, 2-1/4, 3, 4-5/8, 5-3/8, 6-1/8
*At your score marks you will kreate a mountain fold and then adhere that fold to itself - kreating 3 spots for your tags per strip or 6 spots

*Cut an additional piece 5-1/8 x 1-1/2 (slightly tweaked). Score at 3/4" and adhere together. This becomes the center divider.

*Take each of your mountain fold pieces and set them in your box.There should be a sliver of space in between your 2 pieces. Then place your center strip into that 'sliver'. Your mountain fold pieces will need assistance of some adhesive to stay put on your box base. But do that after you've checked to make sure all fits well.

Acetate Lid - (tweaked from Tonya Allends slider lid) I didn't photo the acetate lid, too much glare. Follow the same idea as the box base with these measurements
*Using Window Sheets or transparency paper (local office supply) cut your lid to 6x5-1/2
*Score at 1/2" all around.
*Kreate your corners the same as our box: a little snip and adhere. TIP: Folding acetate/transparency sheets can be difficult. Make sure to really burnish the folds (using your bone folder or the back of your nail) so you have straight edges to your lid.

Place your decorative tags inside. Place your lid on and tie with a decorative bow.

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For the smaller box with the Delightful Decorations set and Ornament punch, I followed the same simple box base
*5x5 base and score 1/2" on all side
*2 pieces cut to 2" x 5" and scored @ 2", 2-1/2", 3" - kreate and adhere mountain folds
*1 piece (center divider)cut to 1" x 4"
For the Lid
* Cut acetate to 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" and score 1/2" around all sides
* Burnish the folds so you have straight edges and adhere your corners like above.

I hope this 'tweaked' version makes this a little simpler for you! If you'd like more details/supplies for my tags, click for Christmas Punch Tags or Delightful Decorations. Enjoy making your little Tag Gift boxes. Any questions, let me know, I'm just a click away!!

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Mary Fish said...

Both versions are stunning. Thanks for sharing the details. Hope you are feeling better.

Hugs, M

....Linda.... said...

Your instructions are always terrific - thanks! Hope your little one gets better quickly...

Carla Bazhenow said...

Awesome tutorial... I need the Ruler Reading link... *smile* I'm going there now. Hugs,

Kris Kilcoyne said...

Thank you for the tutorial!!

I will have to try making a set of tags too.

Hope your little one feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Hope your child feels better soon; thats no fun.

LeAnne said...

Wow, Kim, I need to visit you MORE OFTEN! These are awesome! I had fun last night stamping with you MIL & SIL!!! Both really sweet people, I hope they can come back again!
I love all the projects you've got here--I am doing something similar this weekend, but all their tags are going in a Big Shot Box #2!!! I may case some of your tags, though! TFS!

Angel said...

I see your blog post with instructions now... thanks!!!